Questions To Ask NYC Commercial Building Window & Door Contractors

Did you know that since 2010 in the United States, homeowners who make environmentally-friendly upgrades to their homes are being compensated with a tax rebate incentive of up to $1,500.00?  In Brooklyn, NYC, this legislation has given incentive for property owners to upgrade their homes with energy-saving windows. So if you’re about to replace your windows, you want to be sure to ask a few pertinent questions of your contractor before signing any type of contract.

How Many Panes Do You Recommend Per Window?

The number of panes a window has is a huge contributing factor to its energy-efficiency. According to Energy-Star, all energy efficient windows have two panes. However, not all double-paned windows are energy efficient. The ideal scenario would be to have two panes with multiple soft coatings and inert gas filling in the spaces between the panes for better insulation.

How Long Will The Window Last Before They Need To Be Replaced?

Not all windows are created equal. New York city’s climate is notorious for severe rain storms and snowstorms. You need windows that can last for many years. Consider everything from the glass quality to the frame quality. A high quality window usually lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Low quality inferior windows won’t last for more than 3 to 5 years maximum. Evaluate the cost you’re paying your contractor to install each window and compare the actual specifications of each window. Are you getting the maximum value for your money? Be sure to ask your contractor to check the window manufactures warranty to determine how many years the windows are supposed to last.

Ask If The Windows Come With A Lifetime Warranty?

If your contractor claims that the windows have a lifetime guarantee, be sure to see it in writing. Window manufactures often say “Lifetime Warranty” in there marketing pitch. I it is important to read the fine print; the “lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the window and not of the homeowner. Again, it’s not clear as to how many years lifetime pertains to. Make sure you understand exactly what the duration of time is.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

The length of time that your contractor has been in business is also a very important factor to consider. Hiring a contractor without sufficient experience is a recipe for disaster. If a window installer declares bankruptcy, resulting in their customers holding worthless warranties to windows that were installed. Know your contractor’s service record and reputation before hiring them to install windows.

Ask About The Quality Of The Frames Used

Your contractor will offer a wide variety of window frames – wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminium and wood covered with aluminium or vinyl. A contractor may recommend a frame that will work best for the type of building that it is being installed in. It is important to  look up the advantages and disadvantages before taking up their recommendations. Compare the different benefits and options of each window frame material. Also consider a second expert opinion and speak to other property owners to understand all of your choices.

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