Questions To Ask NYC Commercial Building Window and Door Contractors

When you are considering remodeling your business and replacing your windows, one major aspect you will need to consider is durability. Replacing windows costs a considerable amount of money. It is important to consider the type of windows, duration of time and labour required these are the three most that must be considered. The actual longevity maybe 20-30 years depending on the type of window you replace. This is one of the most important questions and it will be key to understanding your total costs.

Consider the Materials That Are Being Used

What type of material or combination of materials are your window frames made of? The most popular choices include aluminium, solid wood and vinyl.

Aluminium: While aluminium is structurally strong, it is not good for insulation purposes. This means you will be paying more towards the costs of energy over time. However, the windows themselves will be durable and last for anywhere between 30-40 years before requiring replacement.

Wood: Wood is traditionally preferred for window frames; it has a classic look and is a good insulator. However, maintaining wood frames can be a gruelling process as they do not stand up to the elements very well. It is also important to adequately maintain them, one of the major concerns are frames warping and this would require replacement. A well-maintained wooden frame window will last you on average 10-20 years.

Vinyl: Vinyl is both efficient and durable and is available in many different colours. Vinyl contains titanium dioxide which helps windows maintain their structure over time. This chemical prevents the peeling, cracking and warping that is a common occurrence in windows as they age. Vinyl can even be made to look like wood, so if you like the classic wood look, you can get that with vinyl. The material is extremely durable maintenance free, and will last for many years. Window maintenance can become an issue especially when windows are high up and out of reach. Mid-grade vinyl windows are reputed to last for 15 years, while premium vinyl last approximately 20 to 25 years. Low grade vinyl windows last for 5 years, and are not generally not a worthy investment.

Other Aspects That Determine Longevity

Window frame material is just one aspect that determines the reliability of your windows. You also have to also consider the manufacturing process to determine just how long your windows will last. Consider the following factors to get a understanding of how long you can expect your windows to last:

  • U-factor: The U-factor determines a windows thermal efficiency. A lower U-factor indicates your windows are able to keep the cold out. A lower thermal efficiency will also keep your utility bills down as well.
  • Warranty: Does the manufacture offer lifetime warranty? If it’s a reputable company offering a lifetime warranty, can have confidence in their product.


The longevity of your windows depends on several factors window materials, the duration of the warranty and the quality of workmanship. When searching for window contractors in Brooklyn New York, look up the references, background and reputation of each contractor on your shortlist. Understand that your replacement windows will be only as good as the material, workmanship and warranty that goes into them. Working with highly rated contractor such as NYC Windows & Doors and you’re guaranteed top-tier craftsmanship.

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